Friday, September 20, 2013

Soft Return

Hi everybody that's still around!  I hope you are all well.  I'm easing back again, after having a summer break.  You'd think I was in the bear cave the way I've been so groggy, but I've just been slow going.  And slower to post what little is happening.

Here are a few pics from the summer, starting with the very last pic of summer here, as far as I know!

This is Zack.  He is a good dog.  Except for when he's a bad dog.  He waited all summer to dig this nice, cool spot to sit in the shade.  I deflected his attempts all the way up to this last warm day (just last weekend.)  I couldn't get mad at that mug!  I just went in and grabbed my phone for the fastest of captures.

Next is a picture of the t-shirt my daughter and I made, out of viscose jersey (knit?) I bought locally, imported from Germany.  The company is called Hilco, and they have really super designs.
We traced my daughter's favorite t-shirt,and then we altered the sleeves to give the shirt more shape.
All it took was two little straps to use for tying up the shoulders.

I had to learn about using twin needles, and I found out that my machine had been skewed for quite some time at the place where you attach the needle. It didn't show up till there were the two needles, side by side-- except they were not next to each other, but diagonal.  A trip to the sewing machine shop helped me get to the bottom of that mystery.  I was able to make a simple adjustment at home, with help from my DH.
Here's the tie.  Not a perfect stitch, but a nice and soft result.  
The Hilco has an incredibly smooth and very forgiving drape.

Tie that turns t-shirt into a top 
 There's more to share, but since this is a soft return, I'm going to leave this right here!

Happy weekend from Lizzie in Sweden!