Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been under the weather this week, but I managed to do some mindless  sewing therapy tonight
 Mindless because I actually laid this out a few days ago, so it was all ready to go.  I used Cuzco and Simply Color mini charms for the patchwork, and an older Denyse Schmidt for the outside. I lined this with a fusible that seems to be almost vinyl on one side and that added a bit of structure to the basket.

påsk och vår korg I have sewn down the corner tabs since taking these pictures. You can see they are still a little loose here. Påsk och Vår Korg 2 It felt good to get something done in spite of having a slow week. Hope you are having a good week too!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Swedish Saturday

Hiya!  I'm easing back into blogging with some pictures from around town.  Here's what it looks like in the shop windows in Östersund,  Sweden.  I hope you enjoy the little tour and feel as inspired as I do to with a change of scenery!

Where to store the Wasa Crisp and Coffee
Where to store the Wasa Crisps and Coffee

Stuffed Animals and Plastic Woven Kitchen Mats
Stuffies and Woven Plastic Rugs - I love this store!

Merimekko in Östersund
Merimekko Banners in Östersund

More Merimekko and Reflections
Springy Merimekko in Östersund I think The coffee cups are my favorite, but the towels last FOREVER!  Really nice quality of textile.  We have some home that are from the 1970's that still hold their color...

Waiting for Spring, 8 am and still dark 4
Bulbs Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring, 8 am and still dark
Spring Window Display at Hamngatan 10

And at home, we've had lots of new tracks in the snow:
Swedish Winter Series, February
Fox Tracks, Chain Stitch

Swedish Winter Series, February
Tracks from:  Fox, Person, Dog, Deer, and Magpie (See the wing marks?)

Hope you're having a great Saturday!
Lizzie in Sweden

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Put a Pin In It!

I hereby mark that I have been absent without leave for a bit too long for comfort!  With this pin, I mark my intention to add those pictures later of some happy mail I received, both quilt-wise and fabric-wise, and some photos of fabulous shop windows around Östersund.  (the above picture is from a shop window in Seoul, Korea, with some inspiring textiles and crafts!)

Hope everyone is sewing and creating happily, and keeping those midwinter colds at bay!

         Lizzie in Sweden